Programs by Brian Apps

This web page contains a small collection of programs I've written over the years. All these programs can be downloaded and used for free.

Programs for the PC

At this stage, you can download:

  • Juggle Saver My first program I ever released on the web. A mesmerizing screensaver showing an accurate 3D simulation of a figure juggling.
  • Sizer A tiny program that allows you to resize windows to exact sizes.
  • Saver Starter Adds hotspots to your desktop to allow you to start your screensaver or to prevent it from starting.
  • Hot Key Plus Allows you to add shortcut keys to start your favourite applications using the Windows key.
  • Toss Up. A simulator of the classic Toss Up, Game & Watch device. (PalmOS and Java versions are also available from this page.)

Programs for the Palm

Here's a selection of programs I've written for Palm devices:

  • Palm Easter A simple program to calculate when Easter Sunday falls for a given year.
  • Palm Biorhythms Calculates and displays the three main Biorhythms for you and your friends.
  • Toss Up This Game & Watch simulator is also available for PalmOS.
  • Palm TSAR. Palm TSAR (Television Schedule And Reminders) allows you to see what's on TV for the coming week and set reminders so you don't forget to watch your favourite programmes. Palm TSAR was intended to be released publicly but has hit problems with using listing content and is on hold (possibly indefinitely). You can see some screenshots here.

Program for Unix

  • Juggler3D. A port of Juggler Saver for Linux and most Unix systems. The code is available as part of the XScreenSaver project.