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Toss Up Simulator Applet

This is a reasonably accurate simulator, written in Java, of the classic Nintendo Game & Watch game Toss Up (aka Ball). For versions of the simulator for other platforms see the main page here.


The rules of the game, like most great games, are mind numbingly simple. All you've got to do is make sure you catch the falling balls before they smash on the floor. As with so many things, what sounds simple on the surface turns out to be fiendishly difficult to apply in practice.

To start the game press either the 'Game A' or 'Game B' buttons on screen (you can also use the keyboard shortcuts). During the game balls are thrown in an arc over the juggler's head, use the left and right buttons (or keys) to move his hands so that he catches them before they fall on the ground. 'Game A' and 'Game B' are variants of the same game. 'Game A' is slightly easier, you have to juggle two balls and gain 1 point for every catch. 'Game B' is somewhat harder, you have to keep three balls going and get 10 points for every catch.

The game is over when you drop a ball. When the game's over you can press the 'Time' button to go into the time/demo mode. In this mode the current time is displayed in the top right hand corner. To set the time, press the ACL button and then use the left and right buttons to set the hour and minute respectively. Finally press the 'Time' button to set the time.

The game records high scores for both Game A and Game B. To view these scores press and hold either the 'Game A' or 'Game B' buttons. The high score will be displayed in the top right corner. When you release the button normal game play starts. These high scores are reset when you press the ACL button or, because a Java applet can't save settings locally, when you revisit this page.

The two icons shown in the bottom left corner aren't on the original game. One shows a speaker, clicking it toggles the game sound on and off. The other one can be used to pause and then restart the game.


The following keys can be used to play the game. If the keys don't seem to be work, then click on the game, so it gets keyboard focus, and try again.

QMove Left
PMove Right
AStart Game A
BStart Game B
TStart Time/Demo Mode
Ctrl+CReset Game (ACL Mode)
SpacePause Game
MToggle sound (Mute)