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Sizer version 3.4 has been abandoned because of too many problems integrating with modern applications.

Sizer 4.0 is a ground-up rewrite that is designed to overcome these issues and problems.

Details on this page are for information only.

Sizer 3.4

This page holds information and work-in-progress downloads for the new version of Sizer. I'm pretty slow at releasing proper versions. This is partly because I don't like to rush things; and partly because I find it difficult to write things up and put them on the web.

I know a lot of people are very keen to get 64 bit support so I'm posting work in progress versions here. I suspect many users are happy to sacrifice a bit of stability to get their hands on a bleeding edge version. These versions come with the following caveats:



The exact feature set of Version 3.4 may change. Depending on how long things take I might drop features in order to release a proper version. I've split features into two sections: things I will definitely put in and things I hope to put in. The comments in green are things that have been done; the stuff in red is still to do.

Must haves

Should haves