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Palm Biorhythms v3.0

What is Palm Biorhythms?

Palm Biorhythms is a freeware program that calculates and displays the main biorhythm cycles for any person. The screen-shots below shows my biorhythms on the day I originally wrote this page (it's a good job I decided not to write it yesterday because I was critical intellectually!)

Screenshot for monochrome devices

Standard mono screenshot

Screenshot for hi-resolution devices

Hi-Res screenshot


Palm Biorhythms supports the following features, more detailed information about these features can be found in the User Guide:


Simply click the link below to download the program:

Palm Bio Iconpalmbio.zip (15KB)

To install the program, unzip the archive and use the Palm install tool to add the file palmbio.prc to your device.

The program uses 26KB or memory and requires Palm OS version 2.0 or greater to run.

Using Palm Biorhythms

The program should be reasonably straight-forward to use, a complete description can be found in the User Guide, which can be downloaded (76KB) for offline viewing. For those who don't want to trawl the user guide, quick setup instructions follow:

Firstly you need to configure a profile for every person to want to calculate Biorhythms for. A profile is simply a name and a date of birth. Use the menu items View->New Profile and View->Manage Profiles to create, delete and edit profiles. All configured profiles are shown in the drop down list in the top right hand corner of the main screen. Selecting a new name from this list recalculates and displays the biorhythm cycles for this person. Any number of profiles (limited to the available memory on your device) can be configured.

The program graphs the three cycles, six days either side of the target date. The target date is set to today's date when the program is started by it can be adjusted using the left and right buttons on the screen, the up and down hard buttons on the Palm or by using View->Go to Date from the menu.

Why I wrote the program

I must admit that I don't believe in biorhythms at all. While it seems pretty universal that our lives go up and down in cycles, I believe that this is down to individual circumstances rather than on how long you have lived. I hope ardent believers in Biorhythms don't take offence and may like to look at this article to see some reasons for my scepticism.

The program was written as a bit of fun and to experiment with some aspects of Palm programming (including using masked bitmaps and calculating sine waves)

Version History

30 Dec 2001, Version 1.0. Initial version of the program.
22 Jun 2003, Version 2.0. Added Sony HiRes support. Included Critical Calendar, Critical List, Daily Summary, Compatibility View and Exact Age functions.
3 Jul 2003, Version 2.1. Fixed "MQWin.c, Line:634, unlock out of sync? address reset too soon" bug when running in 16 bit colour mode on Sony Clie devices.
3 May 2004, Version 3.0 Added support for double-density devices. Added bar graph display for compatiblity comparison. Added summed maximum compatibility calculation method. I've put together some notes on compatibility calculation if you want the gory details.


If you've any bug reports, suggestions or feedback send me an email at [email protected]. I'm always pleased to receive any sort of feedback.